Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Girls for the Win

Just recently, the Girl's Tennis Team have made it into the play-offs . So I got a few words from our amazing players and how they feel about this.

"This is my first year making it to playoffs, honestly. I’m excited. Though, I did get seeded, it still feels like I could have done better. I have high expectations that we will win, because we got so far. It’s an honor that we have made it this far, but I feel like if we don’t win, what would have been the point? Getting to rank 15 took a lot of hard work. Not winning would feel like a disappointment. My strategy for playing is to maintain a positive attitude and keep a motivated spirit. In the past I will admit that I had a bad habit of going in with a negative, “I’m going to lose” attitude, but I learned that that will not get me anywhere. Playing the second and first ranking schools will be hard, but it proves that we all worked hard to get here, so if they can win, so can we. Whatever it is, if we really put this goal in our minds we will accomplish this task as a team. As long as we all have that positive attitude, there is no reason we shouldn’t make it."

- Varsity Captain and Singles Hanadi A

"It’s been a pleasure playing on this team. I’ve played on this team for 3 years and I can’t wait for the 4th to start. The amount of achievements that were have done this season are remarkable. Knowing that you’ve contributed to this incredible feat is such an amazing feeling. It gets me excited to think about what we will accomplish next season; I just hope that we all experience the pleasure of winning."

- Varsity Singles Player Sarah A

We hope so too, Sarah!

"I feel that this is a very big accomplishment for us tennis girls because none of the ECV girls teams have made to playoffs in history . Us doing this is a very exciting and interesting because after seeing all the progress that’s been made through hard work, we finally pushed through to make it this far."

- Varsity Singles Rotana T
Now a few words from the coach.
"I think it’s such an amazing accomplishment for the team. When we started the season, I did expect them to actually make team playoffs, but we didn't really see it coming until the last day. After every school put in their scores, which made me realize that this is the first time in ECV history that we have actually made it! We are the first team, ever since tennis was introduced to ECV, to make it to playoffs. It technically isn’t considered making history, it’s just indescribable, but it’s so much more. I will say that this was a very challenging accomplishment, being in the top 16 in our division out of 45 other schools! The entire team started out with little to no knowledge of tennis, some didn't even know how to hold a racquet. We, the other 3 coaches and I, have built their skills up and seen so much progress; to see that improvement and hard work pay off, is truly amazing. I am more proud of their improvement, rather than the wins. It’s a great feeling to know that as we move on and build on the next teams, we will see how they will progress, and who knows may be we could become league champs. It’s crazy to think that last season our goal was to win only 1 league match, but knowing that we have won 4 league matches this season. We have executed every goal that we’ve set this season, by making it to playoffs. The girls are improving, and getting stronger and stronger each new year, through their hard work on the courts and the amount of hours that they’ve put into this season. Hard work will always pay off, regardless of how long it takes. Even if you didn't receive the results you were looking for, like we didn't get an amazing ranking, yet we still made it in. Nothing goes to waste, even if you fail, you always come out with something that you’ve learned."
- Coach Lidia H

Good luck to the girls tomorrow on the play-off games! Be sure to like them on Facebook and to give them a follow on Instagram!


  1. Fantastic way to promote the awesome things our students are doing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Brilliant journalism and insight!!!

  3. Brilliant journalism and insight!!!