Thursday, August 31, 2017

Welcome to the ECV VOICES blog site! Our mission is to give voices to the students at El Cajon Valley High School and help make the world a better place at the same time! Please enjoy the stories you read and the experiences that are shared. Our AME (Arts, Media, and Entertainment) program runs this blog and we are happy to solicit submissions from all ECV students to review and incorporate into our weekly blog entries.

Feel free to look and read, or to write and share. If you want to submit to our school blog and have your voice heard, please email us your stories, poems, photographs, illustrations, podcasts, etc to Your stories will be read through and added to our weekly blog entries. Be patient as we have a lot of entries to read through weekly.


Welcome back ECVHS students and staff! The year is starting off great and we have tons of energy to help take our school to the top! One of the cool things that we have at ECVHS this year are some new people. New teachers, new administrators, new students. We also have new classrooms and buildings coming. Finally, we have new programs on campus.

I had a great summer and got to rest and relax in addition to planning for this year. I hope you did as well. Recreation is ultimately our best friend. It allows us to “recreate” ourselves and get ready to jump back into the wild and wooly world of learning and hard work. Work hard students, so you can play hard, so you can go back to working hard again. And, the cycle continues.

I love you ECVHS staff and students. Have a great year!

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